“I Feel Good” Live At Go Topless Day 2009

Considering there were so many people participating and watching Go Topless Day 2009, it’s amazing how little content we’re finding online so far. Perhaps things are just starting to come out of the wood work? We’ll see. I’ve already had my clip banned by YouTube so it’s certainly possible others have as well. I wonder what YouTube and Google have against women having the right to bare their chests?

Anyway, although just about anyone can watch this clip of course, I made it with you in mind because you weren’t there. It’s trashy as hell visually but the audio’s not bad at all. It came from someone’s camera.

If YouTube decides to be conservative censors again, watch the clip on VIMEO.

Banned By YouTube

Okay, I’m not stoopid. 🙂 Seriously though, I’m a bit shocked at this latest display of American conservatism. What TF? Watch the clip for yourself however someone let me know in a comment what the problem is here. Or am I completely missing something?

This was an email I received today. Funny enough, I’d just checked the view count on the clip in question yesterday and was quite pleased with how many folks stopped by to check it out. Then, some 16 hours later I get this with “!!!” in the priority field. I was like, “Ah oh! What have I done now?”

_yt ban

Sad thing is the video (on youtube) was just about to reach the 3K views marker. Oh well, thank Goddess other major video distributors aren’t so uptight OR at least give you, as a consenting adult, the option to view what some lame asses have a problem with, in turn ruining it for everyone else.

_yt ban2

For those that missed the clip, here it is again. And from this distributor at the time of writing this post the video has been viewed over 3000 times from this site.

Thanks for not being a conservative party pooper and having an open mind.

The Double D’s Talk Topless

Since we’ve been asked a few times already about the National Go Topless Day event coming up this weekend on Sunday the 23rd of August, we decided to do an official interview of sorts letting our friends know what the deal is and why the hell we’re a part of the deal in the first place.

Can’t We All Just Get A Life

There’s just so much ignorance and lack of education in the world today.  However it seems to be even worse in the good ‘ole US of A than anywhere else.  Of course that’s likely not true but times like these it certainly seems the case indeed.

YouTube player

Reading folks comments on such events is the most disconcerting part of all as only then is it clear folks from both sides of the debate really have nothing too constructive to say.  It all seems like learned behavior and these teachers of hate and distruction will continue breeding new students with malleable minds.

Goddess help us all.


…or Evian? 🙂

I’ve always loved the fact that spelled backwards it is what it is.  In fact, I managed to get that in a screenplay I wrote years and years ago called TALES OF A MERMAID, A PISCES IN THE RAIN.  Part one of a trilogy.

Anyway, where was I going with all of this?  Oh yeah, the roller babies clip my Susy discovered recently along with about 11 thousand other folks at the time of this posting.

YouTube player


I wrote this song in the middle of the night a bit ago. I knew then that I would only be scratching the surface of what it could be, however I wanted to get the idea down either way.

It really did begin with humming, then whistling and tapping on the table, just as the rough ‘web cam’ video depicts. In fact, that was the actual moment of coming up with the melody and vibe at the beginning of the clip.

Shortly after, I decided to put some lyrics and a programmed beat to that and it grew a bit, reaching the dynamic you are about to witness.

Will I ever Produce the track seriously? Time will tell just as with the Tens upon Tens of other rough ideas such as this one. This one is special simply because it was inspired by the woman who stole my heart as of late and the thousands of miles often between us. We’re still together in our way for no other reason than the fact that we are. We simply try.

Rusty The Crusty Clown

And you’d consider going back to these minded folks runnin’ shit in this country? Seems more than just his name is rusty!

There’s little or no comment necessary for such ridiculousness. It’s really no wonder the party is dying and struggling to derail a majority whose interests are finally not with lining the pockets of a select few.

Shame, shame.

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Liar’s Square

I’ve decided that I do want to know the personal opinion of journalists out there. I personally believe the RNC’s Steele is a reactionary, political figure for a dying party. Where was a nomination for him before McCain? Just as the party reacts by having a person of colour heading their party (way late gang) is how Steele seems to blurt out ‘hot rhetoric’ before thinking. Just what we need, another Cowboy!

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Queer Demons

I really don’t know what to make of this one. However, I invested over 5 minutes of my precious lifetime to have a look since receiving a Tweet with it from Ashton Kutcher just minutes ago.  Yeah, he’s got time on his hands, ha!

Anyhoo, if you have a minute to kill have a look yourself. Unfortunately I don’t know any back story to it.  I can only by the video’s title.  Questions I have are;

  1. Is this guy SUDDENLY Gay or,
  2. Was he always Gay and this congregation does not condone Queerness? Or,
  3. This is a load of shite?

And what’s with the barf action?  Could it simply be a load of semen for Christmas Sakes?  You be the judge.

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